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What to bring

The Clothing Dock is not a consignment store, nor do we take donations... So what DO we do? It's actually very simple. We buy your stuff outright! Paying cash on the spot, rather than you waiting for your items to sell then paying a percentage. We also offer in-store credit which is double the amount of the cash offer. The store credit is kept on file and can be used on any of the merchandise we sell (including new items and jewelry). 

The store owner is the person who does our buying. She looks through hundreds of items per week and has developed a keen eye over the past 14 years. She knows what sells. She selects items based on condition, size, brand, and intuition :) She then makes you an offer for the items she has selected. 

Then it's your choice to accept the offer, or keep your items! We are happy either way. 

when to bring it

You may drop off your items any time during business hours Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5. We will call you within a few days with the offer and you can come pick up the excess (unwanted) items.

Bring in your gently used clothing, costumes, and accessories! We prefer if items are freshly laundered. We do often wash things ourselves (however we don't offer as much $). 

It's best to bring items in a plastic trash bag or laundry basket. 

There's no need to sort out your items based on what you think will sell because our buyer often surprises people in her selections! We do have a seamstress, so even a small tear won't automatically find an item rejected. Or even if you find something to be completely out of fashion, she may select it as a costume item. 

Please do NOT bring:

Garage sale leftovers (if nobody else took 'em, we probably don't want 'em)

Stolen items (we receive several calls per month describing clothing that was stolen from cars, laundromats, etc. and we will report anyone attempting to sell stolen merchandise)

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